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Reading Time: < 1 minuteFebruary 28, 2014


I came across these videos on Youtube and enjoyed watching them so much that I decided to mention them on my blog, perhaps you will enjoy watching as much as I did. 


This is NOT a saxophone course per se. Matters not what instrument you play — The Language of Improvisation imparts a wisdom and attitude that will benefit any musician, at any stage in their development. Bill’s tutorials, examples and demonstrations not only clearly define the improvisational process, they guide you down an accelerated learning path free of tedious theory and exercises. Your level of understanding and your improvisational abilities will be lifted within the first fifteen minutes of digging into the course.

Bill covers a lot of territory in The Language of Improvisation; why Bebop is so fundamental to improvisation, how to learn to listen, how to build your vocabulary, the 2-5-1 and why its pivotal for all styles, how to tell a story with your solos, best practices for building solos, modal improvisation, intonation, the bandleader’s perspective, swing, dynamics, practicing tips and much more.


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