Dr Horowitz Responds

Reading Time: 7 minutesAugust 13, 2018

I wrote my blog article to shed some light on the conspiracy gossip (you can’t even seriously call it ‘slander’ or as Mr. Horowitz calls it ‘evil talk’) in the article Massive Investment in Counter-intelligence to Discredit the LOVE/528 Frequency Industry posted by Shanon B (who ever that might be), an article shared on one of the sites of Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz”, thus we may presume with his full approval / support. In my response I thus will address him.

Note: that website is no longer running, but when I wrote this response, I printed the page to this pdf file, so you can have a look at it if you wish.

I’m not going to respond to everything Dr. Horowitz proclaimed, some of it is obviously a flawed interpretation of what I actually wrote in my article, perhaps my writing style was a bit too complicated or so?

I have given the text by Dr. Horowitz a lovely maroon color in this reply to his claims and presumptions, so you can easily differentiate between Dr. Horowitz and me, although the from time to time aggressive tone and unsophisticated choice of (bad) words of Mr. Horowitz’ writing would make that clear too. 😉

So … here we go: 

Dr. Horowitz’ article is headed by “ROEL’S WORLD IS OUT TO LUNCH, OBSESSED TO DISCREDIT 528“.

Obsessed, well-well. 🙂 I have blogged about many things but there is but ONE article about your 528. Would I add links to Pro-528Hz websites and blogs in my article if discrediting was my goal? Have you (Mr. Horowitz) not read the epilogue, where I suggest that if the 528Hz concept sounds well to ones ears, then by all means, use it?

I have not made any Youtubes, podcasts, nor spend and time or money on advertising my article. If I was truly obsessed, would you not think I would make a bigger fuss about this topic?

One article is all the whole “528-thing” was worth spending time on to be honest. 😉

Dr. Horowitz, it is but a blog article. You do know what a blog is, right?  Just in case you are unfamiliar with the term “blog”: A blog is “a web site on which someone writes about personal opinions, activities  and experiences”. (www.merriam-webster.com)

By the way, since you mentioned “Out to Lunch”, perhaps listening to the like wise named album by Eric Dolphy while reading this article might be entertaining? (click here to listen)

Dr. Horowitz starts his article with: He’s not a scientist, his disclaimer reads. Nor a “certified specialist” in musicology or frequency math.

Finally someone that checks my blog’s disclaimer before the accusations start, that is a refreshing change.

Yes, I have tried giving a clear and fair picture to the visitors of my blog. I don’t proclaim more than I know, nor do I pretend to be more than I am.

I’m not sure though what your point is by pointing that out in particular, I’m not hiding anything, right? Why would I otherwise inform my visitors about all of that?

He follows with: “He’s not even a credentialed musician with expertise in tuning instruments.

Do I get this right and are you suggesting that musicians without “certificates” and or “credentials” should not be taken serious?

Sure, I have no credentials being a musician nor certificates, I only studied approx. 2,5 years at the Conservatoire (academy/institute of music) but never finished my education. 

On the other hand, there are and were though many great musicians who didn’t follow an institutionalized study, who have no diplomas in music, and sometimes were unknown by the bulk of the audience, but nonetheless have done great things in music. With that I don’t wish to suggest being one of those great ones myself, just to be clear, I ain’t and never proclaimed being one.

When it comes to instrument tuning, well, I have played many different instruments from the age of 6 on, such as violin, saxophone, guitar, piano, flute, clarinet, among others. I might not be an “expert” in tuning all instruments available to mankind, but I think I have a hell of a lot more experience in tuning instruments than you. At least I am a musician, composer and sound engineer, not sure you can actually say that about Dr. Horowitz.

He proceeds: But if Roel’s selected art is any indication, foreshadowing trashy demonic malicious intent, consumer fraud underlies Roel’s World’s public deception.

I couldn’t stop laughing when I first read that, but may I just respond in this article with the biggest smile among my emoticons? ?

It even gets better: Roel’s World’s author is a man obsessed with discrediting this author, and muddling the 528 industry in favor of his friend in counter-intelligence, most notably Jamie Buturff.

It seems I have been given a role in Dr. Horowitz’ conspiracy theory. Counter-intelligence? For whom? For what? It sounds very exciting though, please Dr. Horowitz, tell me more about this. Or are presumptions all you’ve got to to base your claim on?  

The passage ends with: “This gang of “528 deniers” has spent years, and massive amounts of money, to trash 528Hz frequency to promote 432Hz that is not even a Solfeggio frequency!”

I wish I had massive amounts of money, unfortunately no luck there. About 432Hz: obviously 432Hz isn’t part of your “Solfeggio Frequency” thing. Not sure why you even mentioned it in the first place. I have never proclaimed it did, it’s in fact the opposite, I have clearly noted that your “Solfeggio Frequency” thing and 432Hz tuning are not the same tuning system at all. Perhaps the shear amount of information in my blog article confused you?

And later more: Roel’s “cell” of agent-provocateurs includes fellows of deception that have littered the Internet with dozens of “persuasion graphics” that muddle the most important matter–the relationship(s) between Solfeggio frequencies and human chakras and potentials for healing applications. That is where “the rubber meets the road,” and where Buturff’s and Roel’s World counter-intelligence efforts have been largely and effectively sown.

“cell of agent-provocateurs”? “counter-intelligence”? It seems Dr. Horowitz has lost his marbles. It’s getting bigger and more exiting the further you read. It’s rather amusing. 

More followed: They administer the dark side to put down the Solfeggio frequencies to prevent shattering the drug CULTure.

Oh dear, what will the Jedi Order say when they hear I have succumb the “Dark Side”? You think Vader’s helmet will look well on me? ?

Malice, evil intent, is the only reasonable motive for Roel’s World to grossly divert from the importance of these frequencies for healing, to expound on frivolous minutia.

Well, Dr. Horowitz, from it all being “frivolous minutia” you seem to take it way to serious and seemingly feel the uncontrollable urge to put the spotlight on my article. If it is so frivolous and minutia, then why make such a big fuss about my blog article?

In the next passage Dr. Horowitz heads op with: ROEL’S WORLD TAKES STUPID TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL

Followed by: Roel shot himself in the head when he concluded, contrary to his own statements, that “from a musicological point of view” and from a “historical timeline” the “math” shows no relationships among or between the Solfeggio frequencies claimed by me to be fundamental to nature, sacred geometry, and spiritual healing.

I actually never wrote or said or proclaimed the Solfeggio frequencies not “to be fundamental to nature, sacred geometry, and spiritual healing.” That is a completely incorrect conclusion by Dr. Horowitz I can’t tell if his statement was uttered to try do discredit the article or perhaps because Dr. Horowitz did not understand what I actually wrote.

He then quotes a part of my blog article: the frequency C=528Hz is a just minor third (ratio 6:5) above 440Hz. Both tones also match harmoniously with G=396Hz with the ratio 4:3=528Hz (Perfect ‘Just’ Fourth . . . followed by “Roel’s blatant conflicting statements and arguments fries his charade and shows how reckless and malicious his Roel’s World is.

Apparently Dr. Horowitz has completely misunderstood, that I pointed out that 440Hz is MORE HARMONIOUS with 528Hz (as well as 396Hz) than 444Hz. Dr. Horowitz has proclaimed on various occasions that 444Hz is a better frequency than 440Hz. But with using A4=444Hz instead of 440Hz he actually makes it’s intervallic with 528Hz worse (less Just, thus less natural). Perhaps Dr. Horowitz is unaware of the Harmonic Series?

So, calling Roel’s World (me) a “whole new level of stupid” seems rather dumb and actually proofs my point of “doing the math” properly. 😉

The following passage of the text is probably the most amusing one. Dr. Horowitz heads of with:


I have made a print-screen from that part of the article by Dr. Horowitz to make sure this silly stuff is not removed later on when Dr. Horowitz figures out that – like most stuff he wrote in his article about Roel’s World – is full of presumptions and accusations, is badly researched by Dr. Horowitz and shows what Dr. Horowitz proclaims can not be seen as truthful, at least not concerning the rant about Roel’s World and me (Roel).

Dr. Horowitz proclaims that in the image above you see a self-published image of the infamous counter-intelligence agent (“Big Pharma Troll”) “Roel” … from his video presentation…

If Dr. Horowitz had just taken a minute and moused over “About Roel’s World” and clicked on “About Roel & Roel’s World” it would have been more than obvious that the person in the youtube and person on this banner of the “About Roel & Roel’s World” article are not the same. I (Roel) am not in that video, nor did I create the video. The only thing I did is share that video in a single 528Hz related blog article. 

Dr. Horowitz could also have simply asked me by mail. I’m not that hard to find on Social Media either. But obviously truth is not served by his article, his own agenda is.

Dr. Horowitz proceeds by taking the whole piece a Tritone down (musicians joke):

Roel’s World and his video infringes on my intellectual property, and equally actionable, my “Perfect Circle of Sound” trademark as shown below. Roel is not authorized to by law to publish his disparaging dribble.

As I just have stated above: the video isn’t mine, nor is it my “dribble”. But hey, feel free to sue me if that makes you feel better. 😉

Dr. Horowitz ends his article with 2 screenshots from that same video that isn’t mine, nor produced by Roel’s World, followed by one with Jamie Buturrf, the proclaimed fellow counter-intelligence agent.

So, Dr. Horowitz, if I remembered everything you mentioned in your article correctly, then I am a “muddling and malicious counter-intelligence, agent-provocateur and big pharma troll behind trashy demonic malicious evil intented consumer fraud, misrepresentations and public deception“. Does that sum it up for you? Did I miss something?

Oh, yes, I almost forgot “A Menace To Humanity“. ?

To be honest Dr. Horowitz, then I’m not very impressed by your article. You recycled a couple of “cliches” used for Jamie Buturrf or Brian T. Collinns before. You haven’t been very creative this time, it was kind of a “predictable” article, don’t you think?

All the “name-calling” and attempts to discredit my writing seem rather weak too. You do know that name-calling, labeling, stigmatizing and all of that unsophisticated chatter about a person does not make your “point” stronger, rather the opposite. Right?

You “played the man” a lot more than you “played the ball”. Only a very few points you attempted to make though, leaving most of what I wrote in my article “undisputed”. May I presume everything else in the article is to your liking then? Not that that matters much to me of course, just curious. Or perhaps you need to “study” what I wrote a little longer for a “Roel’s World is Out to Lunch Part II”? 

Dr. Horowitz, thank you anyway for sharing a link to my blog from your article, so people can read the complete article and form an opinion on their own. At least you uphold the code of etiquette concerning the sharing of online sources. Much appreciated.