Sa-X-Mas Christmas Songs With Saxophone

Reading Time: 2 minutesNovember 11, 2021

Sa-X-Mas Christmas Songs With Saxophone

For saxophone lovers there are many X-mass songs online from known and less known saxophonists. Specially since the growing popularity of “Smooth Jazz” in the 90s using the saxophone as lead instrument for X-mass songs became increasingly popular. You could fill multiple blog articles with an enormous amount of Smooth Jazz Christmas songs by artists like Kenny G en Dave Koz (they both released multiple Christmas albums), but for these Sa-X-Mas articles I will try to provide a more diverse “picture”.

I’m personally not a fan of Smooth Jazz and dislike Kenny G’s playing style and general music taste, but he’s so well known that I can’t just leave him out of this article if I wish to give you a more “complete picture”.

I “divided” this article in 3 parts (to reduce loading time and easier to browse through):

Enjoy the music … and I Wish you a lovely X-mas!