About Roel’s World

Reading Time: 3 minutesSeptember 3, 2018


A blog since 27 September 2013

“Roel’s World” is a philosophical, semiscientific, contemplative blog by Roel Hollander about Music, Sound, Arts, Sacred Geometry and more.


The name for my blog dates back to way before this present blog existed and was part of my first ever self-build personal site (over 20 years ago). With this title I like to emphasis that what ever you read on this blog is how the world and the universe and everything in it appears to me. It is but my view on thingsI have no pretenses with my writings, I simply enjoy the writing process and like sharing interesting stuff I come across or things that are on my own mind with others. That’s what a blog is all about, isn’t it?

Do I have a “goal” with my blog? To answer that, let me quote Rumi:

The truth was a mirror in the hands of God. It fell, and broke into pieces. Everybody took a piece of it, and they looked at it and thought they had the truth.” ~ Rumi

Through my blog I’ll share with you what I can see in my piece of that mirror and try to reflect the content of pieces of mirror that others shared with me. The more shards (relative truth) of that mirror you can piece together, the closer you’ll get to te ultimate truth.

Many of the visitors of my blog appreciate my articles, some send me messages with questions or additional information that benefits my articles or just share their appreciation for Roel’s World (see “README!”). I even received a few donations (that nicely covered the hosting costs of this blog). 

I am very happy that the time and efforts made are appreciated, that makes blogging a lot of fun. 

So, dear visitors, if you have any questions or you have some suggestions about stuff that relates to what I have written about, then you are welcome to “say hi” and share what’s on your mind. I always respond to received messages the first moment I have some free time. 

Enjoy your visit to Roel’s World!


I frequently receive e-mails with requests to host blog articles written by others on Roel’s World. Roel’s World though, is a personal blog with articles that express my personal views and opinions on a variety of subjects that I have a personal interest in. It’s “Roel’s World, my world” after all. I therefor do NOT accept these request, so please do not waste both our times and refrain from sending such requests.


Even though suggestions were made to “monetize” Roel’s World (provide only some or only partial articles for free and work with subscriptions for the others), I decided nonetheless not to do so. Call me an ideologist, but I feel everyone should always have access to knowledge and information no matter where you are from or how “rich” you are.

The Each One Teach One “philosophy” isn’t something new. The phrase originated in the United States during the time of slavery, when Africans were denied education, including learning to read. Many if not most enslaved people were kept in a state of ignorance about anything beyond their immediate circumstances and “influence”. When an enslaved person learned or was taught to read, it became their duty to teach someone else, spawning the phrase “Each one teach one”.

Even though I am not of African descent and never had anything to do with slavery (in it’s historical sense), I do think that in some ways we are all “slaves” of something or someone. Perhaps a system (political, financial, religious, cultural, et cetera), to a person (an abusive boss, partner or family) or even to one’s own ego. Sharing any knowledge and information that could help you “break the chains” – of what ever form of enslavement it might be – should be a duty for any human being. I am just trying to do “my part” … How about you? #EachOneTeachOne

Besides that, the information I gathered and knowledge I gained over the years was often “given” to me freely as well. It would feel ungrateful even “greedy” if I would try to “cash-out” on what was given to me for free. I am just “paying it forward”. I hope you will do too?

Last but not least, I have always enjoyed blogging/writing, it is a nice way to “do something” with thoughts, feelings and ideas I have. This pleasure should – by it self – be reward enough, right?