Blog » 432Hz … A “Special” Frequency?

Reading Time: 3 minutes June 20, 2014


In this article I will share my OPINION about this matter. It is how I see it … you may agree or you may disagree, or perhaps you have a completely different idea about it all. In case you don’t agree, I would like to ask you kindly to have the decency to respect my personal point of view and treat it as such.

From my experience with sound I can say that the effect that sound has on us is often underestimated or misunderstood.

On various sites and fora “special qualities” are given to the frequency of 432Hz (432-Tuning), as well as to frequencies like 444Hz and 528Hz (another tuning concept, the “Ancient Solfeggio Tones“). Some would describe this frequency as “divine”, “mystical” or “magical” and even claims of great healing power are subscribed to it. Sound to me is not that kind of “special”, to me it’s simply part of nature, of all. I do not feel the need to place “fancy labels” on it like it’s some “sales pitch” or so. Nothing is more (or less) “special” then anything else, everything simply is.

I think pretty much everyone has experienced sound physically, for example when standing close to a sub-woofer one can not only feel the air displacement caused by the movement of the speaker, but you can actually feel the low frequencies “wobbling” in your stomach. Or what about the reflexes triggered by a sharp squeaking sound (like for example fingernails scratching over a chalkboard): goosebumps, cold shivers and pulling up your shoulders unintentionally. Sound can also effect us mentally. The sound of crashing waves on the beach, the wind gently blowing through the tree leaves, or perhaps the gentle dripping of the rain on a roof window could sooth the mind. Nervousness and irritation can be experienced with sounds that annoy us, like a neighbor drilling holes in the wall or pounding drum beats coming from the party next door. 

I think it is safe to say that the sound that we are surrounded by (or we surround ourselves with) can have a direct relationship with our well-being. The idea of “sound-healing” is thus not as strange as you might think.

BUT … I personally do not “believe” in “one size fits all”, specially when it comes to spirituality, life and the universe we live in. We are all unique beings with our own unique characteristics. We have our own unique brainwave responses (responses to external “stimuli”, together forming a “brain fingerprint”) and even features as bone density, mass, et cetera could effect the way we perceive the sound that surrounds us. Even the shape our ears plays a role in how we perceive sound. 

If our perception of sound differs, then it is logical to assume that a particular frequency could effect people differently. With other words, particular “divine”, “mystical” or “magical” frequencies do not really exist, other then in the minds of some people who wish to “believe” in something special, or perhaps do so to keep faith in life. 

That there are particular frequencies that might effect you (the individual) positively is undeniable and that within certain frequencies ranges more people seem to respond is not strange either. There are besides differences similarities as well between us human beings. Nonetheless, the proclamed “healing frequencies for all” concept seems to me like an over-simplification of nature itself and lacks the awareness and understanding of the diversity and uniqueness of every individual. 

Besides that … that someone can compose and produce music is one thing. To be able to “read” people correctly to provide a custom “piece of music” for a particular medical problem is something else. Healing is a gift … all posses it, but not all master it.

Ofcourse … this is just my opinion …

Now, just a short audio-fragment from something Abraham Hicks shared … just because it’s interesting and I like it.

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