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Reading Time: 3 minutes November 8, 2014


An acquaintance of mine is involved in the development and production of the music server “EVO 432“. This device might be the answer for some of you 432-enthusiasts (as well as for some radio shows) with large (440Hz) music collections. So here is some info about it:


The 432 EVO is a high-end music server competing with the best products (think Aurender and Lumin) created by “Klinkt Beter” (Dutch for: “Sounds Better”) located in Wetteren, Belgium. It adds live 432 Hz processing not available anywhere else. The 432 Hz processing is artefact free and is build on world class DSP. There’s no resolution or detail loss!

The 432 EVO is built on a custom Linux distribution with internet software updates created and tested by Klinkt Beter and adds optional remote support options (such as VPN and teamviewer), based on high-end components such as linear power supplies and ultralow noise and low jitter USB output components, and the 432 Hz plugin that Klinkt Beter first introduced on the SOtM SMS-1000 at the X-FI show.

The 432 Hz plugin works on the fly and can process any music file from CD. It can also process DSD files.

The EVO music server is very power efficient and is always running cool. The EVO can rip, stream, play internetradio, play music from it’s local HDD and soon playback from any NAS. The EVO is used as a high-end USB transport, that connects directly to your USB dac.

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EVO 432 (Silver) EVO 432 (High-End) EVO 432 (High-End) EVO 432 (Black) EVO 432 Mini

The 432 EVO can be ordered in silver or black. The “warm” coloring in some of the above pictures of the silver version is due to warm lights in our demo room. It is truly silver and not “crème” (beige) colored. Click the images below to enlarge.

EVO 432 Black EVO 432 Silver EVO 432 Silver (side view)

Dimensions of the 432 EVO are compatible with the 43 cm hifi standard: 435 x 325 x 60mm (W x D x H)

EDIT: the original article was written on November 8, 2014. The article contained specs of the at that time available EVO 432 music servers. Technological developments continued and continues constantly. I thus have removed the specs and would like to suggest you visit the EVO 432 official website for specs and additional information.

Klinkt Beter” is the only manufacturer where you can start with the basic model and upgrade to the best model later, for the retail difference price + shipping to and from our factory.

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