Browser 432Hz Pitch Add-Ons

Reading Time: 2 minutes May 16, 2022

Browsers Pitch Add-Ons / Extensions.

Something I had not written about on Roel’s World are Add-Ons / Extensions to pitch HTML5 and non-HTML5 audio and video via a web browser. Streaming music online (Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, Tidal, Bandcamp, et cetera) is much more popular then playing locally stored music files using local audio and video players, like VLC and Foobar.

Speed-Pitch changer Add-On (Firefox)

One of the Twitter followers of Roel’s World commented that an Add-On is available for Firefox to change the pitch / speed called “Speed-Pitch changer“. After installing the Add-On and opening a page with audio or video ( for example), click on the Add-On icon (on the right of the browser search bar) and click on {.} icon to add the playback speed 0.981818 (for playing at 432Hz).

Chrome Speed Extension (Chrome, Chromium, Opera).

The Firefox plugin isn’t the only one, also for Chrome such an extencion exist, called “Music Speed Changer” After adding the Extention in your Chrome browser “pin it“. Set “Tune” to -0.31 (you need to do this manually for every streaming source / website manually every time you visit, this plugin does not store settings).

This app is also available for mobile devices at Google Play Store and the Apple Store, at the setting (menu) select “Join pitch and tempo” and set the rate to 98.2%).

Note: I have notices some sonic artifacts (sound quality loss) using this plugin.

Sadly when you cast to a Smart TV the Speed Extension settings are ignored. With other words, the streamed media is still at it’s original pitch. Firefox lacks native support for streaming to Chromecast. If you use Linux you could try using a Firefox Add-On called “fx_cast” or use “mkchromecast” (for macOS audio, or Linux audio).

Naturally you can plug your desktop/laptop audio output into your audio system, use Bluetooth to broadcast your desktop/laptop audio output via a “Bluetooth audio adapter” (receiver) to your audio system, broadcast to Bluetooth speakers or listen with headphones to online music streams via your browser pitched to A4=432Hz.