Single Review: “Caillebotis” (Glass Museum)

Reading Time: < 1 minuteMarch 1, 2022
Single Review: “Caillebotis” (Glass Museum)

The duo “responsible” for this tasteful track comes from Brussels (Belgium), is formed by Antoine Flipo (synths) & Martin Grégoire (drums) and completed for this track by double bass player Brieuc Angenot. There wasn’t much info on their website about the duo, perhaps they prefer to be a little “mysterious” … like their music.  What I did figure is that their debut album ‘Deux’ was released in 2018, followed by another album (Reykjavik) and two singles, “Caillebotis” being one of them.


I am not sure how to categorize this track, perhaps “Cinematic Jazzbient” (Jazzbient = a fusion between Jazz and Ambient). It’s progressive build up has a nice natural “flow” to it. The track has an Ambient-like atmosphere, it starts with a mellow “thumpy” 4-on-the-floor (house) kick, some delayed “muted piano string sounds” and a piano that could be best described as “cinematic”. The drums has a “Jazz-Fusion” like sound. I really enjoyed the moment in the track at 02:02 when a groove picks up with a rhythmic pattern of “rim-shots” and toms comes in. Very tastefully done. More cinematic piano swells and the beat extends with fill-like patterns on the snare, reaching some sort of climax before entering a transition with stops and breaks … and a “solo feature” of the drums, in a nice “wonky” kind of way.

The track feels like a “story” … It would do well as soundtrack for a TV series or movie, genre: “mystery” or even a “crime-thriller” …

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